To See The Forest Through The Trees

-Warning, lots of text below-

I often find myself staring at the vast amount of miniatures all around my hobby room and generally not knowing what army or project to work on. I think in general a lot of us in the miniature hobby know this feeling, but I tend to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of projects I have in my backlog.

I currently have four KoW armies projects that are WIP. I’ve been working out an idea to center a grand crusade around my main Warhammer 40k army, the Lamenters, which will include Astra Militarum and Mechanicum forces. I have a Freebooter’s Fate, Frostgrave and SAGA warband which I want to paint and/or finish. I’m also the proud owner of a Hungarian WWII (Flames of War), German WWII (Bolt Action), Napoleonic Austrian, Early Roman and Gaul army needing work.

The amount of different things I’m always trying to do at the same time has held me back on making progress for my entire hobby career. On the positive side, I feel like this year I have made the most overall progress and been the most productive I have ever been since starting the hobby. I feel like there have been several factors that have helped this year to turn out that way.

Working towards a specific deadline

This has helped me immensely this year. I realised this when I started Hail Caesar and it has been working for most historical games. We don’t tend to play Hail Caesar or Black Powder a lot. I got drawn into the historical side of the hobby by Sven, a friend who has a huge interest in historical warfare and history in general. We always set a date for big battle with about four to six people. This gives a solid deadline and somehow motivates me to get as many models and units done as I possible can. It’s a bit of a pride thing, you don’t want to be the guy arriving with unpainted models or failing to paint enough models for the battle to be as epic as it can be. The same works for tournaments. Don’t use the same painted list you have, but add a new unit or two. This pushes you to finish some additional models to show off at the tournament.

Be organised

This probably seems like a no-brainer for some people, but it’s not for me. My models are generally all over the place, and I used to have no order or oversight of all the projects I was working on. It wasn’t until a club mate advised me to use Kanban boards that I started getting organised. I made a seperate board for all of my projects, and a general overview of what has been done (which helps for motivation) and what I still have to do for each project. It’s quite satisfying to change a WIP entry into a finished one on the board!

To be more physically organised I ended up buying some racks at IKEA, and put all of my different armies in seperate boxes. This created a lot more space in my hobby room and makes it all less overwhelming. I’d advise this to every hobbygamer, although I realise for a lot of community members this is just common sense.


My final point for today is another one that has helped me spend more time painting/glueing/cleaning up models. Listening to podcasts about the hobby can be so motivating while painting your models. I never paint without listening to a podcast or watching a serie on Netflix anymore. It helps so much when you’re doing the repetitive work which is painting large armies.


That’s it for now, I’ll be sharing my progress on my Undead KoW army in the next blog post. Thanks for reading, if you have made it this far!


Spiel, Crisis and a new project

It has been quite a long time since my last post. I have since switched to another job, went to Crisis and Spiel and generally lived life. I’m going to try to update this blog weekly from now on!


Me and a group of friends have a tradition of going to the biggest boardgame convention in Europe every year in Essen, Germany. We rent a house or an appartement and get set up for four days of gaming, drinking and eating! We tested (and bought) a lot of new boardgames. I ended up starting yet another miniature game in the form of Freebooter’s Fate. The models are just amazing and after several years of resisting a friend convinced me to start the game togheter. I’ll give the impressions of my first games in a later blog post!


Crisis is the biggest tabletop wargaming convention in Belgium, held anually by the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp gaming club. It’s a must visit for any self respecting wargamer! 🙂

This year was a bit different for me. Normally I spend the whole day wandering around to buy the things I need along with a lot of things I don’t need. This year I decided to help out at the Mantic Games stand. I spent most of the day helping out Andy Meechan, who works for Mantic, and giving demo’s of The Walking Dead: All Out War. I didn’t really miss the roaming and actually managed to stay on track and just buy the things I knew I wanted in advance. This helped me to stay away from adding to my closet of shame. Overall I had a great time and finished the day having dinner at an Irish Pub with my clubmates, who had a big Flames of War table at Crisis

New Project

Being a huge fan of Kings of War by Mantic, I decided to build a new KoW army using only Mantic models. I choose Undead, as I like the models and have secretly always wanted an Undead army. I bought a mega army deal that included the new Revenant King on Wyrm along with a deal of Elite troops. This gives me enough models for a nice 2000 point list!

I want my undead to have a winter theme, and decided I want them to look like they have been risen from the ruins of an old city. The KoW community along with Mantic themselves are a huge fan of multibasing and seem to promote it. This basically involves having mini diorama’s on one big base to represent your units, which is handy as you don’t have to remove individual models in this game. I had my first go at making a multibase which you can see here.


Next step is to finish my skeleton regiment and add the models and the snow to the base. I hope it works out!

My first FOW tournament and hobbying.

To quickly get back to my first blog post, we ended up playing two Black Powder battles with our Napoleonic armies. It was fun, but we felt like it was missing something. It didn’t really feel right to have entire regiments run off the field after taking one hit to their moral (= 1 wound). We might try a different ruleset for our next Napoleonic battle.

I spent the week after our battle getting my Hungarian Flames of War army ready for a FoW tournament in Antwerp. I really enjoy painting 15mm as it feels like I make a lot of progress fast compared to 28mm. I did end up basing the last parts of my army at midnight the day before the tournament as always.

The tournament was fun. I ended up playing a motorised US army where we ended up drawing, but I had the upperhand and would have won if time allowed it. My second round I was paired against a fellow Axis player playing a Panther list. He couldn’t break through my infantry and I ended up winning around turn 5. The last battle was against a Russian Tankovy list and I got destroyed pretty fast. MVP’s of the day were my Anti-Tank guns whilst the Stuka I had painted especially for the tournament ended up not ever showing up in 10 turns that I rolled for him (it needs a 4+). I ended up winning best Axis and got a plastic Tiger E Platoon box for my troubles! My friend that went to the tournament with me ended up third overall and won best painted.


This is the list I played at the tournament:

Hungarian Puskas (Field) (16th, 24th, and 25th Division)

Infantry Company, from Grey Wolf, page 216

Compulsory Puskas Company HQ (16th, 24th, and 25th Division) (p.217) – CinC Rifle, 2iC Rifle (30 pts)

Compulsory Puskas Platoon (16th, 24th, and 25th Division) (p.217) – Command Rifle/MG, 9x Rifle/MG (210 pts)
– Replace Command Rifle/MG with Command Panzerfaust SMG (10 pts)

Compulsory Puskas Platoon (16th, 24th, and 25th Division) (p.217) – Command Rifle/MG, 9x Rifle/MG (210 pts)
– Replace Command Rifle/MG with Command Pancelvadasz SMG (5 pts)

Puskas Platoon (16th, 24th, and 25th Division) (p.217) – Command Rifle/MG, 6x Rifle/MG (145 pts)
– Replace Command Rifle/MG with Command Pancelvadasz SMG (5 pts)

Puskas Machine-gun Platoon (16th, 24th, and 25th Division) (p.218) – Command Rifle, 3x 7/31M HMG (100 pts)

Heavy Anti-tank Platoon (16th, 24th, and 25th Division) (p.219) – Command Rifle, 3x 75mm 40M (7.5cm PaK40) gun (160 pts)

Heavy Mortar Platoon (16th, 24th, and 25th Division) (p.219) – Command Rifle, Observer Rifle, 4x 120mm 43M mortar (140 pts)

Rohamagyus Platoon (p.215) – Command Zrinyi II, 2x Zrinyi II (225 pts)

Rohamagyus Platoon (p.215) – Command Zrinyi II, 2x Zrinyi II (225 pts)

Armoured Car Platoon (p.223) – Command Csaba 39M, 2x Csaba 39M (85 pts)

Air Support (p.224) – Sporadic Ju 87G Stuka (100 pts)

1650 Points, 9 Platoons

This week I have finished up the Napoleonics that weren’t completely done yet and decided to try to finish all of my Ratkin (former Skaven) for Kings of War. I’m almost finished painting the Queek-Headtaker model and I love the model. It feels great to not have any painting deadlines for a while so I can just paint whatever I feel like!


And so it begins…

Time to start this blogging adventure! I’m going to jump straight in and talk about what I have been doing lately and am currently working on. I’m currently working on Napoleonic Austrians for a game me and a few friends will be having this saturday. We all started Napoleonics last year and decided to focus on the Leipzig campaign. Under the guidance of our historian friend we all started building an army. We currently have about six people who started and all the nations involved in Leipzig are being represented. I’m looking forward to our first battle this saturday!

After this week I will be working hard to finish my Hungarian Flames of War army for a late war tournament on the 24th. I still need to base all my infantry and paint up one heavy gun and a Stuka. It will be my first FoW tournament so I’m not sure what to expect.